Graded Classes of Chinese Language & Literature

The graded classes are designed for children to learn listening, speaking, reading and writing in traditional Chinese characters and phonics (as Bopomofo).

Preschool Class:

This class is offered to 4-year-old children. Through singing, dialogs and drawing, this class provides youngsters a fun learning and language immersing learning environment.


This class is offered to 5 to 8-year-old children. Students learn and master Chinese traditional phonics, i.e. Bopomofo, and then words pronunciation.

1st to 12th Grades:

Listening with understanding, speaking with efficiency, reading with comprehension and writing with communication are emphasized equally in the curriculum.

AP Program

Portland Chinese School is the first College Board certified Chinese Advanced Placement program in the great Northwest. The AP program at PCS was instituted in 2007. This is a Chinese immersion program. All PCS's 9th through 12th grade students are in the AP program. Our goal is to help the students learn to understand and appreciate Chinese literature and to express their ideas and thoughts by applying the phrases they have learned. This will indirectly promote the traditional Chinese Culture, and in turn connect students to the history and languages of the eastern and western cultures.


Speech contest, dictionary look-up contest, composition contest, field day and Chinese festival celebration are also included to enrich our curriculums.